Question: Is 4pm Evening Or Afternoon?

Asked By: Roger Russell Date: created: Jan 17 2022

Can I say good evening at 11pm

Answered By: James Martinez Date: created: Jan 18 2022

We have to use Good evening till 11.59 PM.

So Good morning from 12 AM to 11.59 AM & Good afternoon from 12 PM to 3.59 PM & Good evening from 4 PM to 11.59 PM..

Asked By: Angel Gray Date: created: Nov 04 2020

Can we say good evening at 9 pm

Answered By: Gabriel Thompson Date: created: Nov 05 2020

Re: Greetings at 9 PM, 10 PM You can say “good evening” until midnight and “good morning” thereafter.

Asked By: Oscar Smith Date: created: Aug 11 2021

Can I say good evening at 5pm

Answered By: Julian Turner Date: created: Aug 13 2021

Since by your definition at 6 pm the afternoon ends, you should say “good evening”, because there is no afternoon left for them to enjoy. 5pm is the cutoff time for afternoon to evening.

Asked By: Lawrence Brown Date: created: Nov 29 2020

Is 5pm evening or afternoon

Answered By: Dylan Hall Date: created: Nov 29 2020

12:00 p.m. is noon. 12:01 p.m. – 5:59 p.m. is afternoon. 6:00 p.m.- 11:59 p.m. is evening.

Asked By: Xavier Torres Date: created: Jan 23 2022

Can we say good morning at 12am

Answered By: Nathan Butler Date: created: Jan 25 2022

No, it isn’t. “Good morning” is traditionally usable from sunrise to noon. The time from 12 midnight is only technically ‘morning’ but not socioculturally — and “Good morning” is a sociocultural greeting in nearly all societies and throughout history.

Asked By: Daniel Torres Date: created: Mar 24 2021

At what time of the day does evening starts

Answered By: Miles Bailey Date: created: Mar 24 2021

6:00 pm until midnightEvening is from 6:00 pm until midnight.

Asked By: Peter Powell Date: created: Oct 09 2021

Can we say good evening at 10pm

Answered By: Aaron Richardson Date: created: Oct 12 2021

From 12 p.m. good afternoon becomes a valid form of greeting till 4/5 p.m. depending on the sunset. We should generally avoid saying good evening if the sun is still shining bright in the sky. Good evening must signify the beginning of sunset.

Asked By: Jaden Rivera Date: created: Dec 28 2020

Can you say goodnight at 3am

Answered By: Thomas Sanchez Date: created: Dec 29 2020

Good night. Anytime from around 3am or 4am till 12 noon is “Good morning.” Anytime from 12 noon till sunset and/or 6pm is “Good afternoon.” Anytime from sunset and/or after 6pm is “Good evening.”

Asked By: Zachary Jackson Date: created: Oct 30 2020

Is 4pm a noon

Answered By: Francis Thompson Date: created: Oct 31 2020

There is no strict agreement on what “afternoon” and “evening” mean. … If you want to be more specific, you could refer to anything between noon and 2 p.m. as early afternoon, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. as mid afternoon and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. as late afternoon.

Asked By: Miguel Campbell Date: created: Sep 24 2021

Is 12pm evening or afternoon

Answered By: Dennis Parker Date: created: Sep 25 2021

‘Noon’ means ‘midday’ or 12 in the afternoon. The standard way of writing this therefore would be 12pm. However, there are ways to avoid the confusion completely: you could write 12 noon or 12 midnight instead. Alternatively, you could use the 24-hour clock system, where 12:00 is noon and 24:00 (or 00:00) is midnight.

Asked By: Aaron Wright Date: created: Oct 20 2020

What time of day is 9pm

Answered By: Gerld Long Date: created: Oct 22 2020

24-Hour Time Formatam/pm24-hour9pm21:0010pm22:0011pm23:0012am24:0022 more rows

Asked By: Howard Cox Date: created: Dec 30 2020

What are the hours of late afternoon

Answered By: Horace Reed Date: created: Dec 30 2020

Afternoon: noon-6 p.m. Early afternoon: noon-3 p.m. Mid-afternoon: 2-4 p.m. Late- afternoon: 3-6 p.m.

Asked By: Peter Ward Date: created: May 23 2021

Is 10 pm Still evening

Answered By: Cyrus Flores Date: created: May 25 2021

Evening is typically the hours between 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm. Night is generally any hours that the sun is not above the horizon.

Asked By: Adam Barnes Date: created: Apr 24 2021

What time of day is 4pm

Answered By: Seth Rivera Date: created: Apr 27 2021

Time Formats12-hour24-hour2:00 pm14:003:00 pm15:004:00 pm16:005:00 pm17:0023 more rows

Asked By: Louis Allen Date: created: Sep 21 2021

What is good evening time

Answered By: Oliver Johnson Date: created: Sep 24 2021

Say “Good evening” to say “hello” after 6:00 PM.

Asked By: Stanley Griffin Date: created: Oct 24 2021

Is 1 o’clock in the afternoon AM or PM

Answered By: Hugh Williams Date: created: Oct 25 2021

1 pm is of course expressed as 1 o’clock in the afternoon.

Asked By: Bernard Wilson Date: created: Jan 07 2021

What is Morning Afternoon Evening called

Answered By: Jason Hill Date: created: Jan 08 2021

Arbitron, the leading audience measurement ratings service in the United States, divides a weekday into five dayparts: morning drive time (6-10 am), midday (10 am-3 pm), afternoon drive (3-7 pm), evenings (7 pm-12 midnight), and overnight (midnight-6 am; Arbitron generally does not measure during this time period).

Asked By: Isaac Ward Date: created: Jan 22 2022

What do you say at 4pm

Answered By: Jason Richardson Date: created: Jan 23 2022

2 Answers. I personally think that 4pm is late enough to use the word evening. “Enjoy the rest of your day!” is always a nice way to send people off if you don’t know the time.

Asked By: Carl Thomas Date: created: Apr 01 2021

Can I say good evening at 4pm

Answered By: Alejandro Hughes Date: created: Apr 02 2021

You should say “good afternoon” until 5Pm. 5pm and on, it’s acceptable to say, “good evening”.

Asked By: Raymond Turner Date: created: Jul 24 2021

Is the US 4pm evening or afternoon

Answered By: Connor Collins Date: created: Jul 24 2021

Using this general concept, 4 PM is ‘late afternoon’ for those who are addressing something pertaining to the afternoon – a ‘meeting this afternoon from 2 to 4’. And it also could be the beginning of evening, as in ‘early evening dinner’ from 4 to 5.

Asked By: Caleb Bennett Date: created: Oct 04 2020

What do you greet at 9pm

Answered By: Brian Martinez Date: created: Oct 06 2020

If you must have a time-of-day salutation, being sure you read client time adjusted for timezone and daylight savings: good morning; good afternoon; good evening (until 10pm) and a plain hello other times.

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