Can Bats In The Attic Make You Sick?

If these materials are disturbed, fungal spores can become aerosolized and inhaled causing people to develop histoplasmosis. Although many people who breathe in these spores don’t get sick, those who do may have a fever, cough, chills, headache, chest pain, body aches and fatigue. can bat poop in attic make you sick? Just so, can … Read more

What Is The Appropriate Gift For 45th Wedding Anniversary?

TRADITIONAL/MODERN GIFT: Both traditional and modern gifts for the 45th wedding anniversary are sapphire. As with most stones, sapphires can be incorporated into various sorts of jewelry or vases. Here are a few ideas: ring, pendant, money clip, tie clip, bracelet or cuff links. what is the symbol for a 45th wedding anniversary? Also, what … Read more

Can I Take Phlebotomy Classes Online?

Most phlebotomist certificate programs aren’t taught online either. While they do exist, they’re not as comprehensive as a course you’d take on-campus. Since phlebotomy requires you to work directly with patients, your best learning experience will be in a classroom and lab. where can you take phlebotomy classes? Considering this, where can you take phlebotomy … Read more

What Was The Effect Of The Great Schism To The Catholic Church?

The Great Schism permanently divided the eastern Byzantine Christian Church and the western Roman Catholic Church. The popes in Rome claimed papal supremacy, while the leaders in the East rejected the claim. This led to western popes and eastern patriarchs excommunicating each other. What were the effects of the Great Schism? The great schism resulted … Read more

Which Glacial Landform Is An Elongated Hill Composed Of Till?

Drumlin, oval or elongated hill believed to have been formed by the streamlined movement of glacial ice sheets across rock debris, or till. The name is derived from the Gaelic word druim (“rounded hill,” or “mound”) and first appeared in 1833. Which landform is composed of till? Moraines: landforms composed mostly of till that form … Read more