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About Me

 I'm a 3rd culture kid (US and UK), physical scientist, traveler and blogger. Halfway through grad school I got a job offer to work for a university in Germany, a job that would send me around the world (Kathmandu, Venice, Stockholm...). I couldn't say no. I'm a pescatarian (like a vegetarian, but I eat fish as well, preferably as sushi), video game player and amateur photographer with a love of castles, new foods and exploring new cities.

My blog is one part travel journal, one part an account of living abroad in Germany. I love writing about and posting photos of the amazing places I've visited. I share with my readers not just the where I go and what I do, but also how they can maximize their own travel, so I'm honest about the good, the bad, and the overpriced. I've learned that the best way to enjoy yourself is be true to your interests, and it's OK to skip the fine art museums in favor of visiting an, old, crumbly castle.

In fact, I love castles, my dad's family lives near the Welsh border and I visited a few as a child. The favorite ones I've seen recently are Gravensteen in Ghent, Kasteel de Haar in Utrecht and Craigmilar, Edinburgh.

I'm a whole lot nerdier than I let on.