Can I Live In NYC On 200k?

Asked By: William Mitchell Date: created: Jan 08 2021

Is 300k a good salary in NYC

Answered By: Andrew Morgan Date: created: Jan 10 2021

So, short answer: 300 k is a nice salary that gives you flexibility, even in an expensive city like NYC – it’s up to you to make the most of it.

A family income of $300K per year is certainly sufficient to live a comfortable middle class family life in the City..

Asked By: Xavier Edwards Date: created: Apr 15 2021

Is 75k a good salary in NYC

Answered By: Alan Cook Date: created: Apr 17 2021

It’s a good salary. You can live comfortably in a good location and still be able to enjoy yourself and save money. A very big advantage in NYC is that you can find rents pretty much across the spectrum (low to very high) in safe areas based on your financial needs.

Asked By: Ryan Thompson Date: created: Jan 03 2022

What jobs make 500k a year

Answered By: Richard Walker Date: created: Jan 04 2022

13 Jobs that Pay Over 500k a YearFilm actor. National average salary: $11.66 per hour. … Author. National average salary: $18.41 per hour. … Entrepreneur. National average salary: $43,930 per year. … Lawyer. National average salary: $54,180 per year. … Accountant. National average salary: $54,881 per year. … Insurance agent. … Engineer. … Investment banker.More items…•Mar 9, 2021

Asked By: Morgan Bennett Date: created: Feb 17 2021

Is 250k a good salary in NYC

Answered By: Thomas Long Date: created: Feb 17 2021

$150k in NYC will actually make you quite comfortable,so $250k is a pretty good middle-class / upper-middle-class income.

Asked By: John Johnson Date: created: Aug 08 2021

Is 200k salary rich

Answered By: Carl Diaz Date: created: Aug 09 2021

At $200,000 a year, you are considered upper middle class in expensive coastal cities and rich in lower cost areas of the country. After $19,000 in retirement contributions to your 401(k), you are left with $181,000 in gross income, leaving you with roughly $126,700 in after tax income using a 30% effective tax rate.

Asked By: Hugh Rodriguez Date: created: Nov 11 2021

Can you live in NYC on 50k a year

Answered By: Simon Flores Date: created: Nov 14 2021

“I definitely think you can live comfortably on a salary of $50,000, even in New York City,” says Haskins. “It’s an expensive city, but I think if you know where your money is going and you recognize what your priorities are, it’s totally doable.”

Asked By: Alex Gray Date: created: Apr 29 2022

Can you live in NYC on 60k a year

Answered By: Rodrigo Long Date: created: May 02 2022

In short, 60k annually won’t give you a lot of comfort but it will be enough to live in NYC.

Asked By: Matthew Garcia Date: created: Jun 19 2021

Can you live on 70k in NYC

Answered By: Devin White Date: created: Jun 20 2021

Yes, definitely. Both Manhattan, depending on neighborhood, and most parts of Brooklyn. When I first moved to NY, I was only making $45k and I lived in Brooklyn. … At 70k, you can afford up to $1750 per month in rent (most places in NY require you to make 40 times the rent amount).

Asked By: Aidan Evans Date: created: Dec 02 2021

Is 80k a good salary in NYC

Answered By: Bernard Anderson Date: created: Dec 04 2021

You can do quite well in NYC with 80k/year depending. … You can do quite well in NYC with 80k/year depending. If you’re sharing an apartment you’ll have a lot more buying power, but 80k won’t put you in the lap of luxury.

Asked By: Antonio Campbell Date: created: Apr 23 2021

What percentage of New Yorkers make over 100k

Answered By: Dominic Long Date: created: Apr 26 2021

What it’s really like living in New York City on a $100,000 salary. New York City has some of the country’s highest-paying jobs. Nearly 30% of New Yorkers make six-figure salaries.

Asked By: Seth Bailey Date: created: Jan 20 2021

Is 200k a good salary in NYC

Answered By: Peter Wright Date: created: Jan 23 2021

Your annual salary of $200,000 would end up being about $96.15 per hour. You’d live pretty good in NYC in fact you’d be able to live in almost every neighborhood in NYC. Rent average from 1,500 a month if you are lucky to 4,000 and higher but you could most likely buy an apartment with that kind of salary.

Asked By: Joshua Reed Date: created: Mar 05 2021

What is a livable salary in NYC

Answered By: Zachary Edwards Date: created: Mar 06 2021

Living Wage Calculation for New York County, New York1 ADULT2 ADULTS (1 WORKING)0 Children3 ChildrenLiving Wage$21.77$43.14Poverty Wage$6.13$14.75Minimum Wage$11.80$11.80

Asked By: Gabriel White Date: created: Jan 12 2022

Can you live in NYC on 100K a year

Answered By: Logan Brown Date: created: Jan 13 2022

Yes, and you can live pretty well with 100K in NYC as well. If you live in Manhattan you will have a very small apartment or you will have roommates. … 100K in NYC isn’t a lot, but it’s enough to live comfortably, especially if it’s just you.

Asked By: Zachary Perez Date: created: Jul 21 2021

Can you live in NYC on 300K

Answered By: Oliver Anderson Date: created: Jul 24 2021

Serious answer: At 300k, NYC is your oyster. Depending on your interests, one of the following could work. All will have buildings with great amenities, proximity to nightlife and luxury gyms/leisure activities.

Asked By: Cyrus Flores Date: created: Apr 02 2022

What jobs pay 200K a year

Answered By: Jonathan Clark Date: created: Apr 04 2022

​Anesthesiologist. Doctors who administer anesthesia earn a whopping $246,320, on average — the highest wage listed in the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) database. … ​Nurse anesthetist. … ​Chief executive. … ​Marketing manager. … ​Computer and information systems manager. … ​Optometrist. … ​Orthodontist. … ​Surgeon.More items…•Mar 18, 2016

Asked By: Jose Jones Date: created: Jul 03 2021

Can you live in NYC on 40k

Answered By: Diego Anderson Date: created: Jul 03 2021

Yes you can, you won’t live the life of luxury and you won’t be living on the island, but you can work and live in the five boroughs of NYC on that salary. … My first job wasn’t much more than 40k and it was hourly non salary pay without benefits.

Asked By: Jose Cook Date: created: Apr 25 2021

What salary do you need to live comfortably in NYC

Answered By: Clifford Wright Date: created: Apr 27 2021

roughly $40,000 per yearThat’s $30,294 per year after taxes, which means that to live a reasonably comfortable life in New York City, a single person would need to make a salary of roughly $40,000 per year. This is a comfortable (though far from indulgent) budget.

Asked By: Brian Hernandez Date: created: May 30 2021

Is 500k a year rich

Answered By: Roger Henderson Date: created: May 30 2021

How rich is 500k a year and what lifestyle it buys? … It’s more-than-enough rich. Over a sustained period of time, with proper investment, it’s a shitton – in the US it will put you in the 1% for wealth (currently at about $8mm), as well as income (currently at about $429K in the US per the IRS*), if managed properly.

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