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A to Z Challenge: Y is for Yedikule Fortress - Updated

By Wednesday, May 13, 2015 ,

I haven't actually been to this one, but since this post is going up on the 29th of April, and I'm planning on visiting May 3rd, I thought I could include it here, and maybe update it later.

The castles wasn't built as a single project, it's actually an add on to part of the famed Walls of Constantinople.

The Golden Gate and the Castle of Seven Towers in 1685. Via Wikipedia
The Castle was created in 1458 when three towers were added behind a portion of the wall with four already, including the Golden Gate

Like many castles, it's purposed has changed over time to suite the needs of the day. As well as being an archive and treasury, as well as a fortress and prisons to ambassadors and sultans. 

While it's technically in Fatih, which includes Sultenhamet and the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, it's quite a ways from there. The suburban train servicing the closest station seems to be out of order at the moment, but a short walk from another stop shouldn't be too hard in Istanbul in May.

photo by tripadvisor user misswhitneypaige

Update: It was closed.

We took the Marmaray from Sultanahmet station to Kazliçeşme (the Sirkeci-Halkalı Banliyö line is not opperational, but still shows up on google maps) and then a quick walk from the station to the main road, along a crowded grave yard and the castle was there in front of us.

 As we walked towards the main gate, we noticed men mowing the grass around the outskirts of the castle and doing some general maintenance work, but when we got to the doors they were closed. Someone standing nearby gave us a vague "sometimes it is open, but sometimes it is closed" answer and asked if we spoke French. Between the two of us we know a bit of Spanish and German, but no French. I suspect the castle closes for the season and was about to open for the summer, hence the yard work being done, but it was still quite annoying that they closed it.
Peeking in through the door

The castle is so basic, just seven towers connected by walls, that apart from falling off the walls there's not much trouble you can get into that it hardly needs any staff to run. I would think just leaving it open with a suggested donation would be worth it. Except I guess someone could hurt themselves and the organization running it could get in trouble.

We walked around the edge of is and noticed it was located in a pretty rough neighborhood. There was lots of trash and someone had taken up residence in the ruins with a garden planted in the moat.

I could not find a website for the castle anywhere, so unfortunately I can't guide you to an opening times schedule or any other useful information.  From what I've read, the castle is out of the way enough to be free from crowds, however I think a little more publicity and attendance wouldn't hurt.

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