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A to Z Challege: Q is for Quotes

By Monday, April 20, 2015

This post originally appeared as part of the A to Z Challenge, and was called 'Q is for Quotes'.

I usually find quotes, especially travel inspired ones to be super cheesy and naively optimistic - you know the "just go!" type of quotes that are supposed to be inspirational but leave you (or at least me) rolling your eyes.

But since I decided to join the A to Z challenge, I've been keeping an eye out for quotes that I actually liked, and being sure to take a screen shot of them instead of trying to go back later and find them again.

I've saved most of these as screen shots, so you can see where I got them from. It's not always obvious who created them, I actually asked the person who posted the quote from The Hobbit where she found it and never heard back, so this way if you'd like to know more about the quote or image you can contact the original poster.

My Photo, taken in Edinburgh

And finally, one of my favorite quotes:

"Because it's there"

The quote itself is a little simplistic, arrogant even, but what really moves me is the story its attached do. George Mallory and Andrew "Sandy" Irvine wanted to be the first to climb Mount Everest, and that's how Mallory answered the question of why they wanted to.

And they might have been. Both died on the mountain, but there's a slight possibility that they reached the summit and perished on the way down - 29 years before Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. The camera they carried with them has never been found, and there's still a chance the film on it could be developed. There are a lot of interesting theories and evidence suggesting they did or did not make it, but I think the legend of two adventurers who dared and died in unmarked graves is might be better than knowing.

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  1. These are great! I think my favorite is the one with the scrabble tiles.

  2. Wonderful quotes, and well presented. I like your favorite one as well. It almost sounds it should be in a signature line. Because it's there.