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A to Z Challenge: H is for Hamburg off the beaten path

By Thursday, April 09, 2015

This post originally appeared as part of the A to Z Challenge, and was called 'H is for Hamburg off the beaten path."

I've been living in Hamburg for a little over three years now, and I'm mentioned before that I don't find it to be a particularly exciting city. You'll probably find that if you visit here, you can do most of the "must dos" and see the "must sees" in a day.

So here are some ideas to
  • Fischmarkt - not exactly off the beaten path as most guide books will mention it, but in case you weren't interested in buying fish and overlooked it, I'll mention it here as well. While it may be a market at it's roots, it's a popular place for those who've been out parting all night to grab breakfast and keep dancing to the live music at the Fischmarkt. 
  • When the weather is nice, people like to grill using these little disposable grills you can buy in most grocery stores for a few Euros. You can grill in most parks in Hamburg (it's posted where you cannot - some areas around the Alster and in the formal gardens of Planten un Blomen) sometimes there is live music in Schanzen park, making it an ideal place to grill.
  • Stadtpark to the North East of the lake has an open air concert venue. Even if you don't spring for a ticket, you can listen to the music from nearby - we heard Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and John Petrucci one night - bring a blanket and try to find a spot amid all the other picnickers.
  • There is also a Planetarium and a lake that has swimming in the summer in Stadtpark.
  • Walk from Schanzenpark through beautiful Planten un Blumen to the enormous Bismarck statue.
  • There is also live music and fountain displays in Planten un Blomen as well other events, such as ice skating in the winter.
  • Take a commuter ferry down the Elbe.
  • Rent a boat/canoe and paddle around the canals. 
  • Walk down Bellevue and Sch├Âne Aussicht streets (passed the small Mosque) along the North East side of the Alster to see some of the prettier homes in Hamburg.
  • Visit Blankenese - this fancy neighborhood on a steep hillside is full of charming houses and gardens piled on top of each other.

  • Hamburg has numerous small museums, including the history of the city, spices, coffee and a zoological museum housing a taxidermied Narwhal with two tusks.
  • Walk along Kennedy Bridge for some great views of the Binnenalster, the Rathaus and the churches.
  • Walk along the Elbe near Hafen City. There's an outdoor performance space with seats rising on either side. Interesting place to hear Germans try to sing in Johnny Cash's accent.
  • Stay in Hafen City for Blue Harbour Hamburg - originally only every couple of years, but seems to be gaining frequency (or perhaps they just leave the lights up?), Hamburg's Hambour and ships deck themselves out in blue lights.
  • Anglo Info's Hamburg site lists local events happening in each neighborhood, like English movie times, salsa nights and whiskey tastings. 

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  1. If you're in Hamburg on a rainy day go to http://www.miniatur-wunderland.de - it's awesome!

    1. Miniatur Wunderland is great! but it's also the #1 thing to do in Hamburg on Trip advisor so I left it off this list.

  2. The coffee museum is what would top hubby and my list if we visit.

  3. A disposable grill sounds like a wonderful idea. You could decide on the spur of the moment to grill something up without having to carry all of the equipment and stuff around with you. Lots of great ideas about what to see in Hamburg in your post - thanks for sharing!