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A to Z Challenge: X is (sorta) for eXtra Space for Packing

By Tuesday, April 28, 2015 ,

This post originally appeared as part of the A to Z Challenge, and was called ' X is (sorta) for eXtra Space for Packing'.
My husband and I primarily fly on the cheap ass discount airlines like Easy Jet, Ryan Air and German Wings. In all honesty, I don't find them that much worse than the full price carriers considering they only offer short flights (as of now, but it seems like that will change in the near future).  The difference between German Wings and Lufthansa is negligible on a two hour flight compared to the money you save.

The most annoying part though, is the baggage allowance - or Easy Jet especially, where you're only allowed a single bag (although I usually like to keep my passport and ipod in a small purse and no one's made me put it inside my backpack yet). I don't need a lot of stuff, and try to pack as light as possible, but it sure is nice to be able to pack for unpredictable weather, or bring an extra book with you.

So while this isn't truly an X entry, today I'm going to share some tips I've found for find a little extra space for packing all you can into your single bag:
  • If you're bringing a backpack, use the water bottle holders for small items like umbrellas, rolled up T-shirts, hot water bottles or a shoes in each. Maybe even put something inside an empty and dry water bottle. If you're afraid it might slip out you can hook it to your zipper pull with a carabiner or other clip.
  • wear your largest/heaviest clothes (I've flown in combat boots before, they're annoying to take off for security, but considering they're by far my warmest shoes and the kind of luck we have with the weather, it's worth it.)
  • tie or clip things on to your backpack - like a scarf around the handle on top. Once I clipped a small bag with my DS and games in it to my backpack and it wasn't a problem.
  • This is a bit sneaky, but any small item that you're holding in your hand, (especially if it could have bought in the airport or it's for your in flight entertainment), will probably be allowed on. Things like a book, sandwich, tablet, knitting...
  • Even sneakier: reuse a duty free bag. (Ok, so I'm hesitant to recommend this, but sometimes you just need a second bag so you don't have to be rummaging around in your suitcase for a book and snack the moment you get on the plane - it's just far easier to carry them separately).
  • if you think you'll want to bring things back with you from your destination, and space is going to be a premium, you could consider bringing socks and undies that are at the end of their life and chuck them before you leave for home. The same goes for toiletries.
What not to do:
Via Huffington Post, 'This Is What You Should Do When Your Carry On Exceeds The Baggage Allowance'

How do you find that little extra space when you're packing? comment and I'll add to the list!

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