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A to Z Challenge: U is for Umbrella

By Saturday, April 25, 2015

This post originally appeared as part of the A to Z Challenge, and was called 'U is for Umbrella'.

In my travels, I have been rained on in a vast number of places, some expected (London, Antwerp), some not so much (Las Vegas? In the middle of the Mojave Desert?). Which is why today's post is all about that overlooked tool in the travelers arsenal, the Umbrella.

I've had many umbrellas in the past few years. A number of cheap collapsible ones where I wasn't too surprised when they broke, but the awful Hamburg wind claimed my beautiful white and purple one. Every time it rains, the streets turn into a mass grave of scattered umbrellas.

I mentioned earlier in my Revisit post that rain often affects how much I enjoy traveling. Trying to find an address is a pleasant experience when strolling city streets in the sun, but an ordeal when plodding through them hunched under an umbrella.

And yet, without the umbrella I don't even think I'd venture outside. Even though I've learned time and time again that it will probably rain where I go, I'm still amazed just how often I need one. My colleagues even laughed at me when I brought one to Kathmandu - until it rained there as well.

So today is a tribute to the noble Umbrella, and all the places I've used it, or wish I had it with me.





For several of days I was here it would rain quite hard for maybe half an hour and that was it. On our visits to Siena and Fiesole it rained on and off all day.




(in February, during the dry season) - the rain helped clear away the dust and pollution in the air, so we got some good views of the mountains



Pondicherry, India 

and during the dry winter season - afterwards the professor we were there to work for told us 'it just doesn't rain here in January" and yet it did.



As well as:

New Orleans
Las Vegas
Benalmadena, a suburb of Malaga

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