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A to Z Challenge: B is for Beaches

By Thursday, April 02, 2015

This post originally appeared as part of the A to Z Challenge, and was called 'B is for Beaches'.

I don't typically spend much time at beaches - I sunburn easily and never lived close enough to one to be able to go for an hour or two. It was either go all day and end up a startling shade of lobster or stay home. As a child, my family would go to the beach in Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware. There's a nice sandy beach there, but since it's a state park, there is no boardwalk, cafes, or even ice cream.

Once I got to go to the Jersey Shore, with a friend of mine's family, and I remember the gradual slope of the sandy sea floor generating excellent waves. A few times I went to beaches near Malaga, where my Grandparent's lived, and once we went to  Barcelona while my dad attended a conference there.

Then later Rehoboth beach, also in Delaware, but more like you'd expect a beach town to be and Cape May, a town in New Jersey with lots of Victorian B&Bs. A visit to Los Angles brought my the opportunity to see Malibu and some of the nearby beaches.

In the past few years, I've visited beaches in Belgium, Malaga, Barcelona, Biarritz, Athens, Pondicherry, and Mahabalipurem.

This beach in Belgium was a short drive from Bruges. Our roommate at the hostel we were staying in the night before may have hinted that he wanted to come too, but since we were off to Brussels afterwards, we had to leave him behind.

Unfortunately, while we were in Malaga last July, the water was unusually cold and I didn't get to do any swimming. It was how ever, a beautiful view over cocktails and, apparently, a great day for some piracy:

We'd never heard of Biarritz until some friends of ours got married nearby. It's a bit of a resort town, popular with surfers in Basque France.

It was too cold for swimming when we went to Barcelona, but we strolled along the beach and found an out door gym.

Piraeus is technically a seperate city from Athens, but as each has grown the port city has been merged into the famous capital, and provides ferry services to the famous Greek Islands and yes, a few beaches.

Pondicherry doesn't have a beach exactly, instead it has a rocky bank that you can climb on and sit by the water for a while.

Another one without a proper beach is Venice, but since it's actually in the lagoon I thought I could squeeze it in here.

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  1. Fabulous beaches. I love the photos with all the boats. Beaches are a wonderful B. I probably should have done the same. Too late now.

  2. I love beaches in the winter, when they are empty, windswept and menacing. I'm lucky to live near to some fantastic ones.

    Annalisa at Wake Up, Eat, Write, Sleep

  3. A great day for some piracy! Not something I ever expected to read, but I'm sure it was memorable haha!


    1. At first I assumed 'piracy' was a spelling error meant to be privacy. Then I saw the boat.

      And with that, my best all-ages joke:
      "What's a pirates favourite letter?"
      **wait for the obvious answer of R**
      "You'd think it'd be R, but it's really the C."

  4. I'm not a beach fan either though in fact I live by the sea. You have shown a wonderful display of beaches and almost-beaches!

  5. those are pretty beaches!! While in Hamburg we only visited Scharbeutz once. Next time, I plan on visiting more more often! the good thing about beaches in Germany is that they offer "strandkorbs" so you don't get sunburned!

    1. maybe you do get sunburned, but at least you can hide from the sun.

    2. So that's what they're called! Yeah, people I know here talk about visiting the Baltic and the North Sea when it's still chilly out and I'm always surprised that they'll travel that far just to wrap up in a blanket and huddle in a strankorb.

  6. I live about 30 minutes from the beach but hardly ever go since there is no surf in VA. I loved going to the beach when I lived in Australia as they always had good waves. I enjoyed seeing all of the different beaches in your post.

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies

    1. Yeah, I can understand how VA waves just aren't the same after living in Australia! Surfing's something I've always wanted to try.