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The 2015 Travel Extravaganza

By Wednesday, March 11, 2015

So I'm moving back to the US from Germany at the end of June, and this could be my last chance to do any European traveling for a long time. Since I'm only working here for half a year I get 15 vacation days, plus 10 left over from last year. Combining those with weekends and the smattering of unfamiliar holidays in springtime (like Whit Monday), we're determined to get as much crossed off our 'to see' lists as possible.

I mentioned my plans in my year in review post, but now they're coming to fruition. All flights have been booked except Croatia (it's standard here to leave a job early if you have holidays left, but I still feel awkward and unreasonable asking for it), hotels have been booked for everywhere besides Vienna and Croatia, day trips have been planned, restaurant reviews perused, and itineraries put together.

It all starts in a month, when we leave for five days in Athens, arriving on their Independence day.

Next, we're off to Krakow over Easter. Fingers crossed everything's not closed!

April 16th will see us in Lisbon for a few days followed by Porto.

Then over the May Day weekend we'll be in Istanbul.

Two weeks later I go to Bavaria for the first time, where we'll be visiting Munich, Nueschwanstein, Regensburg, Bamberg and Nuremberg.

We'll be in Vienna the weekend of Whit Monday (May 25th) and we're hoping to do Copenhagen in a the next weekend.

We're going to Budapest June 10th, and then leaving for the US in the next couple of weeks.

I recently found out that if I don't take my last 10 vacations days (I had some roll over from last year which is why I had so many), I lose them. I'd been hoping I'd get paid for them, but that only happens if your contract is cut short before you can take them.  So we're looking into a week in Croatia, visiting Dubrovnik and Split.

So between March 25th (leave for Athens) and June 27th (return from Split), I'll be traveling for... 51 day!

While I'm really excited for this, I'm also nervous about exhausting myself and spending a huge amount of money to do so. I think it'll be worth it though!

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