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This Week... February 2nd, 2015

By Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Well, I'm back from India. This was by far my most challenging trip to date (more on that later), but to summarize my past week, I...

...traveled for about 21 hours Sunday to get from Pondicherry to Chennai to Dubai to Hamburg.
...lost my head phones in Dubai Airport.
...visited an experimental community a little to the north of Pondicherry,  which seems to me far more like a retreat for overworked CEOs than a place of "universal humanity".
...Woke up on Friday to find someone sleeping on our front porch. Turned out to be a colleague of ours who'd been dropped off in the middle of the night with no key and decided to spend the night outside instead of waking us. We weren't expecting him, especially since all the bed rooms were full.
...tried Jack Fruit for the first time. It's texture is quite rubbery, and eating it reminded me of a not-too-sweet peach ring.
...caught a cold in the last few days, but have been sneezing so much for the past two weeks I must have pulled a muscle in my back! Now when ever I sneeze it hurts just inside my right shoulder blade.
...am very glad to be back home!

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