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This Week.. February 16th

By Monday, February 16, 2015

This week....

...we made crepes with baked apples and toffee ice cream for Valentine's day. I was going to take a photo but once they were done it was everyone for themselves.

Also, there was left over batter for Sunday!
...I got an offer from Oddisay to reprint my blog post on Tips for Visiting Venice.
...I had to attend a mandatory rehearsal for the application for funding for the next phase of my department. Which was awful because 1) I won't be here for the next phase, 2) I'm not speaking during the application and 3) it was almost all in German.
...I started playing the original Borderlands. So far, it's not as good as Borderlands II, and a bit laggy.
...I spent a lot of time planning how to return to the US. Right now it looks like Condor is the most affordable option.
...Speaking of cheap trans Atlantic flights, in addition to WOWair and Condor, Karisa from Flirting with the Globe found out that Norwegian Air is offering some great round trip flights.

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