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This week... Halloween Edition

By Monday, November 03, 2014

This week I...

...Made these Spider Cookies (get the recipe here!)

...only heard two groups of Trick or Treaters Halloween.
...discovered how delicious a little Bailey's added to chai can be.

...investigated what sounded like some oddly rhythmic construction Sunday morning. It turned out to be a drum line performing on a barge in the canal. From where I was standing, the echo was louder than their drumming, giving it a strange call and response kind of effect.

...dreamed about going to Salzburg in December to see a Krampus Parade. Flights to Austria are really expensive during Ski season, but flights to Nuremberg, Munich and Stuttgart and are reasonable... and little too far away from Austira to make it worth it.

...read this hilarious post about what happens when you make a very usual request at a hotel:
"I was wondering if you could possibly ease my transition into my new life. I would like the Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling waiting in my room for me upon arrival. "
find out the wonderful response here QRG: Grand Hyatt Melbourne by Melissa at WheresTheGos.com

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