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This Week... October 26th, 2014

By Sunday, October 26, 2014

It's been a bit quiet here in on the blog for the past two weeks, but they were very busy week!

I spent nine days in Venice for work, although only seven were originally planned. Either there was a misunderstanding about file formats, or the people we were working for in Venice changed their mind, but we ended up having to take a lot more data than we'd thought. Fortunately, we were able to get our flights changed from Sunday evening to Tuesday, and I got home later that night.

The next day I had to present a poster at a conference, which went well, although there was again some confusion about what time it was supposed to be. It all worked out in the end though, and a lot of people approached me about future projects.

And then of course, I got sick. Whether it was from flying (seriously, you're stuck in a tin canister with hundreds of other people all breathing recycled air for a few hours), the conference or the slight cold my husband had upon my return, but I often get sick after traveling. I took a nap yesterday and feel much better, and even got a post out last Thursday.

I don't have any more traveling planned until January (a tentative trip to Chennai/Madras for work), so I'm going to concentrate on posting twice a week on travel and one short life update on Sundays.

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