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Come Il Latte - Best Gelato we had in Rome!

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We'd heard about a great pinsa place between Termini Station and Villa Borghese called Il Pinsere. Pinsa is sort of a pizza predecessor, with a flat bread covered in toppings. We were rather looking forwards to going here, but unforunatly, since it was August many shops and resteransunt were close, and Il Pinsere was one of them.

Fortunatly, we had a back up plan in the neighborhood. It was closed as well.

Wandering around the area further, we passed a small gelateria with some people eating outside of it, before going to a small place with pizza and salads. The only salad they had left was orzo and tuna, which didn't strike my fancy, and I'm actually not a big fan of pizza.... usually I find it too heavy and greasy.

I was still hungry when we left the cafe, so we decided to stop by the gelateria we'd passed. Upon entering Come Il Latte, we saw old fashioned glass bottles of milk, and little matching cartons below them. In one corner were faucets pouring out white and dark chocolate fondue.

The woman who served us was fluent in English, and explained that first we choose the cone and pay at one end of the counter, and then they fill it up to the left.

We got the homemade waffle cone with came with three scoops for 4 euros. Not too bad, we thought as we picked our flavours. Then the server asked if I wanted chocolate in my cone (yes!) and ran it under the dark chocolate faucet, then in went the pear and caramel, strawberry and lemon gelato.

Then she asked if i would like whipped cream (of course!) and if I'd like Vanilla, English and... something I don't remember but it didn't strike my fancy. I went with the English. So now I have a cone filled with chocolate, three scoops of icecream, and a fourth scoop of whipped cream. And then she asks if I would like more chocolate on top (guess what I said?) and adds a cookie.

So what is English Whipped Cream? I wish I knew. It tasted oddly familiar, like some kind of liqueur, but I can't place it. A friend of mine who lived in Italy for a year suggested it might be Zuppa Inglese, an italian interpretation of English triffle.

Business men in slim italian suits met each other for ice creams and managed to eat it without getting any on their noses. Something we were not able to do.
4 Euro worth of deliciousness

The chocolate cools when the ice cream hits it and forms a solid sort of plug in the bottom of the cone, so no melting ice cream drips out.

I had a tangy and refreshing lemon, sweet and dulcet strawberry but the pear and caramel was in a league of it's own. I found a rich, chewy glob of caramel in the bottom of my cone, so rich I could barely finish it, and the pear gelato had little pieces of speckled peel in it. There was even a water fountain and napkins inside so you could clean off your hands and enjoy a some water after all the sticky goodness.

As I'm writing this, their website advertises flavours like "Hot chocolate flavored with chilli pepper, cinnamon orange etc," Marsala Sabayon and Chestnut.

Come Il Latte
Via Silvio Spaventa, 24/26, 00187 Roma, Italy ‎
+39 06 4290 3882
(about a 1km walk from the Borghese Gallery and Museum)

This post is unfortunately, not in any way sponsored by Come Il Latte. Should Come Il Latte wish to sponsor further gushiness about their gelato, I will take my compensation in the secret behind English Cream, and a big bucket of Pear and Caramel. 

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  1. oh man i will definitely have to remember this for next time we're in rome. we had tons of gelato, but nothing that was super impressive bc we were just picking out random spots on the street.

  2. That juts looks toooooo delicious!!! :) I love the chocolate tap haha!

  3. I love ice cream and seriously every time you mentioned another scoop I was like 'mmmm' sounds delicious! and 4€ for 3 scoops isn't that bad!

  4. Oh yummm, you had me with chocolate faucet and my mind was off wandering, thinking about having one installed in my house. How awesome would that be?! In any case, this sounds divine. Thanks for linking up to the #SundayTraveler!