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This week... September 7th, 2014

By Sunday, September 07, 2014

This week I....

...was busy with editing a paper with multiple authors. You know, the kind where everyone wants to make changes but no one knows who has the most recent version?

...started planning which La Merced events we want to go to in Barcelona... the program is ridiculously packed! and in Catalan!

...learned that you can get cheaper flights, trains, ferries, etc. if you book from within the country you will be traveling in. MapHappy.org's article Use a “Fake” Location to Get Cheaper Plane Tickets explains that sometimes airlines offer cheaper flights for their target audience (those in the country they primarily serve), and paired with a favorable currency conversions you can save a good chunk of change. The author found that simply changing the country on the airline website got her a better deal, but I plan on also check out if changing my VPN (I use Hola Unblocker) makes a difference.

...passed what originally looked like a small black bear on my way to work. 

...have been bookmarking and pinning loads of pumpkin and apple cakes (like this single Caramel Apple Cupcake one by Jessica in the Kitchen), brownies and other treats. I can't wait until pumpkins arrive in the stores here!

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  1. I am going to have to use y our plane ticket booking methodology! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love that I have found Hola Unblocker it's a life saver when I want to stream! I am now figuring it out to get cheaper flights. I will be traveling to and from Serbia a lot this year and was wondering how to use Hola to get cheaper flights. I've beeusing WizzAir to fly to Belgrade as this site seems to have the best deals. Although they bump up the prices ridiculously for last minute flights. For instance I wanted to fly back to Belgrade from Luton for 5-6 days and I had to pay nearly £300 which is too much for such a short time, I payed less when I flew out to stay for 6 weeks! So I tried Hola, at first I used Hola from the UK I typed in London Luton to Belgrade round trip staying there for a week, that came to £70. I then changed Hola to Serbia and typed in the exact same flight and go the same price, I also tried from Hungary on Hola and still the same price. Am I using it correctly or does it just not work or what is it? I'm really trying to crack this method. If you have any tips that would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks :D