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This week... August 3rd

By Tuesday, August 05, 2014

This week I....

...Was late with this weekly update because I spent the weekend in the Costa Del Sol.

...found this little bird lying on the sidewalk in the sun, barely breathing! I tried to scoot him out of the way, but he jumped up and hopped under my shadow to get out of the sun. I gently herded him over to the shady grassy patch next to the sidewalk, so at least he was out of the way of foot traffic and in the shade. He seemed to be doing better when I left him. Poor little guy, I hope he's OK!

...watched a little dog with its hair in a topknot learn how to ride on a moped. It's family was training it to hop into the flat part where your feet go, and then driving it around the parking lot.

...ate a huge plate of deep fried sardines.

...got really sunburnt despite laying on the sun screen.

...asked an Airbus employee what they were thinking when my husband found this:

Airbus files patent for saddle seats on planes

His response?

"Psssssst, we're doing way weirder shit"

...found this little comic which describes a trans atlantic flight

The rest of it is here (Via Seesomething.com.au)

PS want to see some cool photos of street art in Berlin?

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  1. Poor little bird! Hopefully he's doing better.
    You should have tried to get a video of the dog. This might have been a bit creepy but I'm all for encouraging that type of thing :) It is otherwise a great little story.
    Also I loved the comic about the transatlantic flight. All too real.