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This Week... July 6th, 2014

By Monday, July 07, 2014

This week I...

...thought about having pancakes and maple syrup for Canada Day, but then my husband wanted to celebrate by wrestling a moose and either eating it or inviting it back for dinner depending on who won. In the end we forgot both.
...had to cancel our 4th of July cook out due to storm warnings. We got burgers and cocktails instead.

...escaped from a boring networking event.

...got confirmation that I'm going to Venice this Fall for work, and possible Berlin and Rostock in the next few months.

...am obsessed with Ritter Sport Eiscafe chocolate bars.

...visited the Altonale Street Festival, and discovered the berry wine stall. Huge jugs of rhubarb, raspberry, black current, black berry, sour cherry and many more. We bought a bottle of rose wine and shared it with friends that night.

White Spring Elderflower

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