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This week... July 20th, 2014

By Sunday, July 20, 2014

This week I....

....Finally made a Facebook page for this blog! Check it out here
...Went to a party for my recently married friends, and chatted with lots of other expats. 
...Learned Low Cost Airline Ryan air will soon be flying out of Hamburg, which means no more super early morning trains to Bremen! for now they're just flying to Portugal, but I can get behind that. 
...Got confirmation on the dates I'll be in Venice for work in October, and started the application for Chennai! 
...Signed up for "30 Days of Bloggers" by Anna Hartman at In the Next 30 Days. She's trying to get to know bloggers, so if you're interested in making connections and meeting people, check it out! 
...Read this worrisome story he BBC recently reported on a case where a woman in France was fined €1,500 ($2,000; £1,200) plus legal fees for writing a bad review of a resturaunt... and having it show up on the first page of results.

A French judge has ruled against a blogger because her scathing restaurant review was too prominent in Google search results...
..."This decision creates a new crime of 'being too highly ranked [on a search engine]', or of having too great an influence'," Ms Doudet told the BBC. " 
Apparently this will not create a legal precedent in France (the article has the details), but this ruling leaves me uncomfortable, like we bloggers can share our thoughts and opinions, just not too loudly and only if they're nice. What do you think? is this a one time ruling or are we going to see more bloggers targeted for their opinions?  

P.S. Did you miss...my post about Bruges, Belgium?

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  1. Hey Claire, just found your blog on Better Blogger Network :) I love travelling, too! And even though I am from Germany I think you have seen more from it than me^^ What are you doing there?
    I just started again to blog more regularly and wanted to continue with my series "This City", do you want to take part? have a look at my blog or write me a mail to doetsch.sandra[at]googlemail.com :)
    Look forward hearing from you!