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Cooling Down with Some Winter Memories

By Monday, July 21, 2014 , , ,

A heat wave is moving in, and although it might not be very extreme to those of you in hotter climes, here in North Germany it is unusually warm, and since it's usually cooler there is no air conditioning, or even fans in most buildings. I work on what Americans would call the 4th floor and Europeans the 3rd, with my computer running day and night and a small menagerie of hard drives happily whirring away, and it gets hot!

To cool us down, I thought I'd share some photos from roughly 6 months ago, when I was visiting my family near Philadelphia. There had been a cold snap and children were crossing their fingers for snow days. Luckily for them, there were plenty after the snow storm hit January 3rd.

It doesn't snow very much there, not like it did in Upstate New York where I went to University, but it's still more than we get in Hamburg.

The snow began the night before, and I watched it gather on the branches outside my bedroom window

The next morning the same window looked like this:

Although I don't like the cold, it was great to have a few days of "real" winter before going back to rainy Hamburg. When I was little, we used to sled down the hill and build snowmen, and it was so nice to experience that kind of snow again on my visit to the home I grew up in.

I grew up in this house, and lived here my whole life until I went to University. Hamburg has always felt temporary, our apartment here never quite like home to me. And while my parents' house feels more like home to me than anywhere else, I often forget how beautiful it is, especially in the summer.

My parents have three small brownish dogs, all rescues so I can't really tell you want kind. Small, silly, brown dogs. Generic if you will. We had to put them in little coats and dig out paths for them in the yard to run around in. Even then the smallest and silliest refused to go out, and my mother had to put her on a leash and lead her around.

On the other hand, the birdies didn't seem to mind the snow too much.

Do you remember last winter when we were all waiting for spring and dreaming of summer? Now that it's here add a link to your fave winter post in the comments so we can cool down while reminiscing about chilly weather.

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