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This week...June 15th, 2014

By Sunday, June 15, 2014

This week....
...we beat Borderlands 2 and started playing it again in True Vault Hunter mode
...I had brunch at the Vegetarian/Vegan Breakfast cafe Mamalicious, and remembered why I never eat imitation meat (give me tofu over fake sausage any day)
...I tried to recreate a ginger cocktail I had in Prague, which I think it's safe to say was a fizzy, gingery success.
... I've been casually following the World Cup, not sure if I should be rooting for US, England or Germany! (Answer: All)
.. .Finally created some space on my camera's SD card. Even though I copy the photos to several different locations, I have such a hard time deleting them off my SD card!

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