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This Week... June 29th, 2014

By Sunday, June 29, 2014

This week I...

...offered to take care of a dog in case his owners were stuck in France due to more strikes. Thankfully they made it home, but we almost had a dog for a day or two!

...read this post by a flight attendant about how to be the best passenger ever! most of it is fairly common sense, but some of it's good to know, like that flight attendants carry medicine for motion sickness and nausea, just in case you start to feel sick.

...updated the potential work travel schedule to: Berlin in August or September, Venice in October and Chennai, India in January.

...started planning a 4th or July (Ok, it will probably be on Saturday the 5th of July) BBQ. Husband is horrified at my suggestion of tofu skewers.

...watched a few World Cup games via FirstRowSports.eu, and watched Germany beat US on Germany TV. where the announcer kept criticizing the Americans lack of tempo. 

...discovered a colony of dust bunnies living under our couch.

...mourned the return to typical Hamburg weather after the lovely weekend in southern France.

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