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This week.... June 22nd, 2014

By Friday, June 20, 2014

This week I....

...woke up at 4:30 to catch a 6:40 flight to CDG Paris

... watched the sun set over the Atlantic

...spent a few hours in Bayonne

...swam in the ocean for the first time in years!

...saw a small child drink soy sauce straight from the bottle. It spilled down his front but he liked so much he had some more. When he picked up the sriracha bottle his parents clinked their beers against it.

...experienced the joys of French strikes and had to take a taxi instead of public transit to get to the ceremony on time.

...watched two of our friends get married in the shortest ceremonies ever!

...ate fancy little plates of French food...and wished they kept coming faster!

...watched guests stage an intervention on the groom's choice of music. Techno is not the way to go for the first dances at a wedding.

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  1. !!! Why on earth would they drink soy sauce?! D:

    1. He was all over that bottle! We kept waiting for him to try it with the sriracha, but his parents' take out was ready and they left before he got to try it.