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The British Museum

By Monday, September 09, 2013 , , , ,

There are two world famous, extensive (and free) museums in London I was dying to see. The British museum (sometimes known as the largest hoard of stolen treasure in the world, but that's a post for another day) is the one we managed to make it to, the other was the natural history museum which I'd been to as a little girl.

There are some beautiful works of art here, but the popular exhibits were so busy it took some of the enjoyment from them. Next time I won't go in August.

We started with the Egyptian displays - and they were packed! I've never seen so many people attending a museum, and while on one hand it makes me happy that so many people were patronizing a museum, on the other there were also some lost looking kids and bored teenagers. Two girls were playing a clapping game in one entrance.

You can get an idea of how crowded it was in the photo below:

I'm pretty sure I've seen these two in history books.

The Rosetta Stone

Then we headed to the European history floor in search of the Sutton Hoo exhibit, which I was pretty excited to see. but it turned out that exhibit was under renovation and had moved.

Next we found ourselves in the Americas exhibit where a small child was setting off the alarms repeatedly, so we didn't stay very long. Her father seemed amused.

Throwing knives from across Africa.The plaque said many of them were decorative/ceremonial.

The Sutton Hoo Exhibit turned out to be in a corner on the ground floor. Only the highlights were on display, including the famous Sutton Hoo Helmet:
The left is the actual Helmet, and on the right is a recreation of what it probably looked like.

The Sutton Hoo collection comes from two Anglo-Saxon burials in Sutton Hoo in Suffolk, from the 6th and early 7th centruy. The helmet is suspected to be from the burial of a king named R├Ždwald laid to rest in an entire ship (which is in the British Museum, too, but was not in the exhibit we saw).

I'm definitely going to have to return some other time, when it won't be full of kids on summer vacation . And next time, I'll check out the Natural History Museum as well!

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