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Photos of the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge

By Monday, September 16, 2013 , , ,

I've been to the Tower of London once before, but I was young enough that the ravens looked huge, foreboding and rather frightening. also, my mother would't let me go see some of the exhibits.  One day I'll go back and really take my time looking at everything, but this visit we didn't have the time to spend all df the Tower of London started in 1066 - the year William the Conqueror invaded and Saxon England ended. It was expanded under Richard the Lionheart, Henry III and Edward I, and used as a prison for most of its history.

Legend has it that if the ravens ever abandon the tower, first it will all, and then England will. To prevent any National Security crises, there are always six ravens "on duty", plus a spare, with names like Grog, Odin and Rocky. Officially, the Ravens are recruited soldiers, and can be dismissed for unsatisfactory conduct, like eating aerial antennas.

The tower bridge, often mistaken for London bridge.

The photos of the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge were taken at the same time, but while the ones of the Tower of London have white fluffy clouds and blue skies, the ones of the bridge look really dark and heavy. Many of these were taken from more or less the same place just pointing in different directions. 

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