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How I flew from Hamburg to London and back for ~115£/155$ in August

By Thursday, August 08, 2013

One of the most common travel tips is don't fly during the tourist season. In some ways this is doubly true in Europe where most people get enough vacation days that they actually can take August off if they want to. People are often encouraged to take their holidays in July and August because parents are most likely to travel when their kids are off from school, and employers would rather have the whole office come to a standstill for a few weeks than limp on half empty for months.

Getting four weeks off a year also means that a family can take, for example, four one week vacations during the year, which means much more traveling in general, which means tourist season is serious business.

But since we wanted to check out London with our guest, my husband's sister, we needed. London specifically because it's 1. an iconic city, 2. of English speakers with 3. far more options when it cones to Vegan dining than Germany the land of pork has.  

So to combat the ridiculously high cost of flying to and from London during August we had to get creative with our airports, with the bonus of avoiding the purgatory that is Heathrow:

Hamburg Airport to London Luton on Easy Jet
 70.88€, 94.17$, 61.33£

London Stansted Airport to Bremen on Ryan Air
34.23€, 45.40$, 29.57£ 

Breman to Hamburg 
12€, 15.90$ 10.37£ by bus

117.11€, 155.24$ 101.13£

As of posting this, today, the lowest fare I can find on kayak.com (which searches many travel websites ) 215€, 286.85$, 185.08£. These fares may have been cheaper a few weeks ago when they weren't last minute, on the other hand, sometimes flight prices go down when they need to fill seats ASAP.

If you're interested in visiting London and don't mind taking different airlines and airports to save some money there are six international airports in London: 

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  1. You know this, but it's the vegan dining and not the English-speaking that's the true hassle. I was shocked when I was at a conference in Paris and this man and his wife planned on leaving Paris early and going to London, because of the language. You're in FRANCE! Why would anyone leave, with all the options of things to see in that one country?

    Because people are chickens about language, that's why. (Of course, I'm ranting about this because I lived in Japan for 12 weeks without any Japanese language skill, but whatever)

  2. Yeah, and I can at least read menus and order in German, and my husband speaks a lot more German than I do, but my SIL might want to quiz the staff on things like which utensils are used and what food dyes are in the food, and that could get complicated.I still feel very isolated here being surrounded by non-English speakers, so going to the UK will be nice break from that for me, too.

    PS.I am a total language chicken.