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Back in Hamburg for a day

By Friday, August 16, 2013 , , ,

I arrived back in Hamburg late last night from London, but I'll only be here for a day since early next morning we're catching a train to Berlin. I've been to Berlin twice already, but this time we'll also be visiting Potsdam, the suburbia of Prussian Royalty.

While in London we:
  • Visited the British museum
  • Found out why Trafalgar square is the place to be when England and Scotland are playing
  • Rode a lion
  • Checked out St Paul's Cathedral
  • Photographed the skyline from a rooftop Terrace at sunset
  • Had a beer in a pub called the Hung Drawn and Quartered near the tower of London
  • Walked around the tower of of London and the tower bridge
  • Toured Westminster Abby
  • Photographed Big Ben
  • Had lunch in St James park and walked past Buckingham palace

All in a three night visit! 

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