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My Belgium & Amsterdam Adventure: Day 5

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On day 5 we checked out of our hotel, got some breakfast from a local grocery store (I got an iced coffee and mini eclairs - I'm on holiday!) and we left Brussels.

I'm convinced we almost died on highway, we were driving at highway speed and suddenly my husband yelled "brake!". The car in front of us had decided to come to a full stop. On the highway. Without pulling over to the shoulder or even turning its emergency flashers on. My husband's friend, who was driving slammed on the brakes and swerved, sending the things on the backseat crashing to the floor and the eclairs hurtling into the front. Fortunately, we were all fine, and although we weren't the only ones having to swerve around the stationary car, there were no accidents. We even found where the flying eclairs landed.

Since we were spending two nights in Amsterdam, we stopped along the way at Kasteel de haar , located north west of Ultrecht and south of Amsterdam

Even though the castle is just off the main road, we got lost finding it. Our GPS must not have been updated since the roads were rebuilt, and while we got a tour of the very scenic countryside, we lost nearly an hour.

There was even a hedge maze:

The first record of a Castle de Haar was in 1391, but after series of restorations and alterations, it fell in ruins a in 1672. Final restoration in 1890, and was recently turned over to a non profit Kasteel de Haar Foundation, with the condition the decedents of the de Haar family (Van Zuylen van Nyevelt these days) can live there for one month of the year. Can you imagine living in a castle like that?

We didn't get to spend as much time at the castle as i would have liked since we lost an hour to our very confused GPS. We drove to Amsterdam Park & Ride rather than paying for very expensive street parking.

Instead of staying at a hotel or hostel, we rented out an apartment through Airbnb.

We got Thai from a take out place the apartment's owners had suggested, and went for our first walk of Amsterdam before calling it a night.

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  1. Beautiful photos! I love Amsterdam--there is so much to do there!

  2. I'm so glad I found this post on Sits Girls! That castle is amazing! I've always wanted to visit a place like that! It's beautiful there!