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My Belgium & Amsterdam Adventure: Day 4

By Friday, July 19, 2013 , , , ,

Early Friday morning, we had a quick breakfast at the party hostel (which included a cookie dough spread for toast) and drove to the beach. The guy at reception recommended we go to a beach near Blankenberge, about 20 minutes away from Bruges.
 We parked along a long stretch of road running parallel to the beach, and followed a path through the beach grasses and small dunes to the shoreline. In the area we parked near there was no swimming allowed, we assumed because there was no lifeguard there. Further down the beach was absolutely crowded. 

Someone had made these sand castle cities before we arrived.


Next we drove to Brussels, checked into a real hotel, and slowly made our way to the Grand Place. Brussels is on a hill, and we were uphill, looking out over the skyline:

 The Grand Place:

At a Lambic bar, I tried one that tasted like that cheap raspberry vinaigrette from salad bars, but not quite as sweet. Like raspberry vinegar.

Brussels has a famous museum of comics, The Belgian Comic Strip Center , and there are several murals around the city. I was really hoping we'd find the Tintin one, but unfortunately we couldn't.

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, not sure what they were doing in Brussels, though!

 St Michael Gudula Cathedral

 The Town Hall again.
 The Town Hall again.

Last stop of the night was the Delirium cafe of Delirium Tremens fame. Now it's called the Delirium Village complete with vodka and tequila bars. It was very hot and noisy, and a little confusing since different floors and different buildings had different themes.

We didn't stay there long, and I was pretty tired from not sleeping properly the night before. We took the metro back to the hotel for our last night in Belgium.

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  1. I love Belgium and the Netherlands, but for some reason, I've never visited the coast in that area. I must do that! Lovely photos :)

  2. Speculoos spread?
    And I love Tintin, I have all 21 of the standard books, plus some in French, and a black & white one or two. Good stuff!