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My Belgium & Amsterdam Adventure: Day 3

By Thursday, July 18, 2013 , , ,

Before we left Ghent, we made a stop at De Hop Duvel Beer store to pick up some of the beer we sampled to take back to Germany and share with our friends. According to ratebeer.com De Hop Duvel has 1100 different kinds of beer! We picked some of our favorites and continued on to Bruges.

In Ghent I had stayed in my first hostel, and it really reminded me of university dorms, with the exception of having our own bathroom and shower. This hostel in Bruges, however was pretty awful. There were three of us in a a room with two sets of bunk beds, so there was an extra bed. We hoped no one had booked it and the hostel wasn't too full, especially since there was only one toilet on the entire floor and about 20 beds.
The showers were also co-ed (stalls with plastic shower curtains, no door)and in another building- not ok. But we locked our suitcases in the lockers in the room, decided to make the best of it and walked into town.

Antwerp and Ghent had both been rainy, cloudy visits, but the weather really cleared up for Bruges!

We stopped for hot chocolate at the Gingerbread Tea Room. The chocolate is all at the bottom in this photo because instead of using powder or syrup it's actual chocolate melted into the milk, and then you have to mix it in. It was delicious, and not as heavy and strong as the hot chocolate from Fassbender and Rausch in Berlin.

Church of Our Lady with Michelangelo's Madonna of Bruges was closed- apparently the museums on Bruges all close at 5, and they stop selling tickets at 4:30. We were there at 4:40.

Cafe Red Rose

We found this secret garden behind a door where a house should be.

As we returned to the hostel, we saw a large group of people standing outside drinking and smoking while loud music played inside. My heart sank as any hope if getting a decent nights sleep diminished. The fourth bed was filled by a guy from India who not only went to university in the same city I did, at our sort of rival school (they're bigger than us and have more grad programs, so a lot of our students end up going thee for grad school), but also worked in the same place I went to high school, in a tiny state no one has heard of. The world can be a very small place sometimes.

I didn't sleep particularly well that night, and was thouroughly looking forwards to staying in a real hotel the next night in Brussels.

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  1. Amazing photos! So beautiful!

    Visiting from SITS :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. That does sound like a lower end hostel, although not the worst I've been in. In Istanbul, I had a hostel whose shower was a shower head over a squat toilet. I've also experienced hostel rooms that are far too warm to sleep in, and the pretty standard people making lots of noise hostels. Something for everyone!!

  3. Yeah, it seemed like there were a lot of young Americans there who wanted to do the whole "backpack across Europe" thing, and were indulging in the lower drinking age. The other weird thing about the hostel was that the fire escape was through out room and there was a sign on the door say that if there was an emergency all key cards would open the door. Which is great, except that our group of three was only given one card, and I can only imagine someone getting left behind out of a group of 6. I guess I'm just not cut out for hostels! (ugh, now I feel old)

  4. Very nice place. Glad you shared. I wish to set my foot there one fine day. The pictures are amazing!