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Bergamo's castle in the clouds - and in the sun

By Thursday, May 09, 2013 , , , ,

While still in Bergamo, we took another Funicular (like a tram) up a larger hill to a really beautiful (and probably expensive) village to see their castle. We were high enough and it was rainy enough that the clouds lay in a thick fog around us.

While the clear view was spoiled, it was like nothing I'd ever seen before. We could actually see the clouds rolling past us.

The intense fog made parts of the castle seem other worldly. On the left you  can't see anything at all from the tower, and the right is a photo we took the next day - look at that view!

Exploring the inside of the castle, which was actually inside the hill:

Some more sunny day photos of the same area:

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  1. It's funny how fog can both make and destroy photos, lol!

    1. yeah, it makes me wonder how many other great shots I've missed staying in because I thought it was too rainy/snowy/windy etc

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love all the fog- makes the castle more mysterious.

  3. Wow those fog photos are incredible! This looks like a gorgeous spot.

  4. Those foggy pictures are incredible! Fog makes everything look so magical!