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Milan Duomo

By Sunday, May 12, 2013

Construction on the Milan Duomo began in 1386 (although there was a church on the site since the 5th century), but it wasn't finished until 1965! Unlike the Cologne Dom,which is also Gothic (and neo-Gothic!) the Milan Duomo is made of white stone which keeps it from looking as heavy and melo-dramatic. The Cologne Dom always looks a little foreboding and sinister to me.

There were lots of paintings sticking out from the columns at weird angles which I hadn't ever seen before. There were (electric) light fitted to the ceiling that I didn't like, they were very bright and while they may have provided necessary light, I thought they looked too industrial and damaged the light balance inside. They were very, very bright and made it difficult to see the details near the ceiling.

To take photos you had to buy a 2 euro wrist band. I guess they want people to be able to go in to pray without paying, but it surprised me a little.

You can also climb or take an elevator to the roof, but we decided to give it a pass. The weather wasn't great, and for two people it was a little more than we wanted to spend, and since climbing was cheaper than the elevator I'd want to see what the steps looked like. As someone afraid of heights, I don't always feel comfortable on rickety flights of steps where I can see the steps sagging under the people in front of me! (This happened in a church in Hamburg, I didn't feel safe and turned back.)

Creepy statue:

San Bartolomeo Flayed (1562), by Marco d'Agrate (Flayed as in that is supposed to be his skin draped around him!)

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