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Bergamo in the Rain

By Monday, May 06, 2013 , , , ,

The first day in Bergamo, it rained.

Bergamo was beautiful, despite all the rain. It was exactly what I pictured Italy looking like. The old city in the hills was lovely, with cobbled streets and yellow houses with red terracotta roofs. In some ways it reminded me a little of Spain.

 The Bergamo Cathedral has been rebuilt so many times I'm not sure I can really say how old it is. The first Basilica devoted to St Alexander was built in the 9th Century, but the most recent renovations were finished in 1889.

So this is what "Baroque" architecture looks like.

There were so many hidden gardens, some spilling over the tops of walls, some behind gates.
The Rocca / Visconti Fortress, built from 1331 to 1336,

Now it houses the Historical Museum of Bergamo, and the Park of Remembrance dedicated to honoring Italian soldiers and displaying Artillery used in the World Wars.

We found a kitty hiding in a cubby-hole in the fortress wall. He jumped down a little while later once he realized his cover had been blown!

Such a lovely view!

You could go inside the fortress and climb up the walls!

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