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Two cute places to eat in Hamburg

By Sunday, April 14, 2013

Last Saturday we ventured in to Central Hamburg, around the Binnenalster (the smaller of the two lakes). This is the primary shopping district, with lots of stores out of my price range and is always packed! This weekend we wanted to check out an Asian Super Market we'd heard good things about (I wasn't that impressed) and decided to combine it with lunch and a coffee afterwards at two places we'd wanted to try:

Quan do- Vietnamese Street Kitchen

This was definitely some of the better Asian food I've had in Germany. German's like their food very mild so for any cuisine that's usually cooked using a lot of spices and heat the German interpretation is usually quite bland. All the excitement and ingredients that add flavor have been taken out.

I had lemon grass tofu, I really like lemon grass (although my husband doesn't particularly care for it) and would have preferred it to have an even stronger flavor, but I still enjoyed my lunch

This cute cafe was set back a bit from the main shopping districts, but only by meters. It was enough for it to be relativity quiet (until the parents with babies showed up!) and far more relaxed than a Starbucks.  :(. The drinks weren't too expensive (my Irish Cream Latte was 3 euro) and the decor added plenty of personality (The disco ball was turning but not casting any light).

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