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The Himalayas

By Sunday, April 07, 2013 , ,

Flying from Kathmandu, I was really excited to get another chance to see the mountains! I made sure to have my good camera in the bag that could fit under the seat in front of me... and then found out I was in an emergency exit where we weren't allowed to have anything with us at all.

And since most people had already been seated when we learned that all our carry-ons had to be stowed in the over head compartments, most of said over head compartments were already full, and we were sent scuttling about the plane to find places for our luggage.

So I was stuck in the middle of my row, not only without my camera, but with my camera in another section of the plane, and the mountains appear out of the window on the other side of the plane.

Fortunately, the man next to me got up for the toilet and I was able to find my bag (everything had fallen out of it once we'd landed as it was tote bag without a zipper or buckle- including my passports and documents) and snap a few photos before he came back:

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