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Strawberry & Cheesecake Crepes

By Saturday, April 06, 2013

We used the recipe for sweet crepes from The Joy of Cooking, (similar to this one, here) which while simple the following three things will help guarantee good crepes:
  1. De-lump your flour! I think you're suppose to do this with a sieve, but we don't have one so we have to attack the lumps with a fork
  2. The mixture must sit for at least half an hour
  3. Make sure your pan is hot enough! we're usually too impatient and the first one doesn't work out. I like to call it a sacrifice to the Crepe gods
If your Crepes don't work out, you can always try turning them into Kaiserschmarrn!

While the crepe batter was sitting, I made the cheese cake filling.

The cheesecake is actually Your Lighter Side's Minute Microwave Cheesecake that you make in a mug. I've made it a few times and can't quite get the texture right, it's more like a lumpy cheesecake-y custard when I do it. I think that might be because instead of using a coffee mug I use something closer to a tea cup, with thinner walls and possibly different thermodynamic properties. Hopefully one day I can get the microwave cooking times right and perfect it! but in the meantime, it's really tasty and great for Crepes.

Let's zoom in on those strawberries, because STRAWBERRIES!

 We just used a regular frying pan for our crepes!


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