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By Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Earlier this year my husband and I thought about going to Milan, but we had trouble finding a decent hotel there and decided to go to Berlin instead.

Now we've booked our flights and really are heading out to Bergamo and Milan!

The plan:

City to City Transportation:
The bus is €10 per person, per way to Hamburg-Lubeck airport (not Hamburg's main airport) from Central Station. For 2 people both ways €40
Fly RyanAir - for two adults, round trip 144.80€
Bus from Bergamo to Milan for two : 10€
Bus from Milan to Bergamo Airport for two - included in RyanAir fee
Total City to City Transportation: 194.80€

Stay two nights in Bergamo at Art & House - 86€ for two nights
Transportation passes for 72 hours - 14€ for two people
Total for Bergamo: 100€

Stay three nights in Milan at Hotel Certosa -153€ for three nights
The 48 hour Transportation Ticket for Milan is 16.50€ for two people 
Total for Milan:  169.20€

Total: 464€ Before food and activities - on the one hand, that's a lot of money! on the other, that's flights and hotel rooms for 5 nights for two people! Less than 50€  per person per day (husband is planning on spending 30€ a day on pizza, and 20€ on beer, though, could get expensive!)

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