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Kathmandu: Inside the City

By Tuesday, March 12, 2013 ,

The streets of Kathmandu are extremely crowded and noisy. There's lot of honking with some drivers just leaning on their horns. Unlike places like NYC where the horns are used to express one's displeasure with one's fellow driver, the honking here is usually meant to alert others where you are (like coming up along side a bus or going around a tight bend). It can however be very flustering and overwhelming.

I also got very frustrated with people trying to sell me things or be my guide. Even after saying 'no' politely, then firmly, then not so politely they argue with me. I can't imagine why arguing with someone would make them want to buy something of yours or pay them to show you around. Everywhere I went it was "excuse me, miss!" and questions of where I was from. Now I'm obviously a tourist, I'm very western looking (mom and dad are British), I had my camera with me, and I have short hair, which Nepalese woman don't do.

Even down narrow alley ways motorcycles speed through. They can usually navigate around you, but it's very unnerving to hear go by you centimeters away- what if you had taken a step back?

Lot's of shops with beautiful fabrics!

This is in fact, part of the road. It was much deeper than it looks in the photo, and our taxi driver had to swerve to avoid it.

Thamil district (the Tourist area) at night.

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