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Flying to Kathmandu

By Tuesday, March 05, 2013 , ,

The Plan
We left Hamburg March 1st at 5 pm, flew to Frankfurt (Germany's largest airport), the flew to Delhi at, 9:30, arriving the next day at 9:45 am. Then the last leg of the journey was from Delhi to Kathmandu at 1:10.

Air India's Boeing 777 are a lot more colorful that other's I've not been in. The overhead lights even changed colors!

The Two Double Whiskies Guy
The man who sat across the aisle from me and I talked a little when the flight started. He said his wife was Tibetan-Nepalese, and that he'd talked to one of my colleagues about our work earlier at the airport about how we were going to Nepal for work. I noticed when the drinks came around he got a double whiskey... and then told the flight attendant to better make it two. So two double whiskeys equaling four single whiskeys. So a lot of whisky.

After he got through one and a half (so three units of whisky) A flight attendant came around with the immigration forms for the flight. He asked if he could borrow my pen, and as a thank you gave me this written on a napkin:

Mysterious Napkin Message

I guess since I was traveling to Nepal it would mean something to me, but I have no idea. I even talked to some experts in historic Nepalese writing and they had no idea.

Then after finishing his two double whiskies and started on his beer, our food arrived. He started pointing very emphatically but wordlessly at something on my tray, and eventually sent his beer flying and spilled it all over the aisle. Turns out he was trying to tell me I should pour my coffee cream over my salad.

The Mountains
I saw the Himalayas  I only had my ipod handy, and it's really tough to see from these photos what is mountains and what is cloud, but they looked like something from a movie. The moutains don't so much rise out of the clouds as burst.

Since we were so unclear about what dates we'd be in Kathmandu  my team opted to get our Visas in Kathmandu airport. While the process was very simple (no one even asked us any questions  the line was
very, very long and I would absolutely recommend getting yours ahead of time at your local airport.

I'm having a lot of trouble finding the time and internet to update this blog. I have so many amazing photos to post, but between work, the 3 hour dinners Germans take and the really spotty internet I have, I'm moving really slowly. I'll do the best that I can to update regularly, but it'll be a struggle!

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  1. how exciting!! you'll have to post pictures of your trip!