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Chobar Gorge, Kathmandu

By Wednesday, March 27, 2013 ,

According to legend, the Kathmandu valley was once a huge lake. Manjushri, a personification of the Goddess of Wisdom Saraswati cut through Chobar Gorge letting the water flow out and so the Kathmandu valley could become habitable. All the rivers in the Valley, including the holy Bagmati River flow out through the Gorge, making it a holy site as well.
Geographically, the Gorge is very beautiful, however the river was carrying so much trash and was so polluted it made me quite sad. I tried to take photos that showed the beauty rather than the squalor, though. It was also pretty stinky.

At least the view from the bridge was lovely!

It is also the site of Jal Vinayak temple with erotic carvings which I declined to take photos of, and a few other small shrines.

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