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Queso Quest: Chili Rellenos

By Monday, February 11, 2013 , ,

Queso Quest is a series of posts in which I try to recreate my favorite Mexican & TexMex dishes using ingredients found in Germany. Generally the German interpretation of Mexican food is something to be avoided at all costs, for example German Salsa tastes like Ketchup.

I was originally going to call these Chili RelleNOTs, since I thought I'd have to use bell peppers, but my husband found these red chili shaped sweet peppers, so I'm going to go a head and say I made Chili Rellenos!.

A year or two ago, I tried making this recipe, but I could not peel the pablanos completely! I ended up using the filling mix in tacos, and it was delicious. Most recipes just fill the peppers with cheese, but this was a fantastic mix of cheese, sweet corn, green onions and garlic!

So I used that combination again, and if I make them again I'll definitely use a higher cheese, green onions and garlic to corn ratio. I really enjoyed the sweet corn, but Chili Rellenos should be gooey and cheesy on the inside! I roasted the peppers for a while first so they'd be tender, then stuffed them, then popped them back in the oven for the insides to heat up and melt.

Homemade Chili Rellenos

The sauce was, let's just say inspired by this recipe. I adapted it heavily and mine mostly tasted like minced onion in tomato soup. I remember Chili Rellenos sauce to be thicker and creamier, so I'm going to have to try to find another recipe for next time.

Overall, I think these were a success. It's a recipe I'll be tweaking, and trying to find some good sides to serve it with.

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