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One Month till Kathmandu

By Sunday, February 03, 2013 , , ,

Less than 1 month (and a short one at that!) until we leave for Kathmandu.

There's still a lot of preparation to do. I haven't got around to taking my typhoid vaccine yet (it's a series of pills) and don't really know how to pack. Since this is a work trip, the University is paying for most of it, but it's still not clear what they will or will not cover.

One of the grad students traveling with us is from the region, and his brother works for some of the hotels there. Because of this, we got a great deal and are going to stay at the Yak and Yeti! However, the university administration was unhappy that we chose somewhere so fancy (although they didn't give us any advice or help when we were looking for a hotel) and we might not get as much for daily travel expenses.

The problem with traveling to Kathmandu is that you can die from the drinking water (if you don't get medical attention, and OK, that's an extreme case, but you get my point). Since water is so vital in food preparation, it can be risky to eat at most places - for example, I doubt many dishes are washed in bottled water. From what I understand, locals have built up tolerances to the water, but as foreigners we are very susceptible and we need to know that we can eat safely - hence staying in a nice hotel that caterers to foreigners.

Usually you'll just get sick and recover in a few days, but since we're traveling for work, the time we spend being too sick to work is wasted money.  So is time we spend working badly because we're exhausted or distracted. We'll only have about 6 hours to work everyday, so it may be difficult for us to catch up on missed work later. Some of the more senior researchers were very adamant that they stay here, so I'm hoping it will all blow over.

Anyway, right now I'm planning what I should bring. According to Wikipedia,during the day the temperature can reach 25.3C (77.5F) and at night dip down to 8.2C (46.8F), so I have to bring both warm weather and cool weather clothes. I'm going to buy a backpack (how do I not have a backpack?) and a reusable water bottle, for starters. And big bottle of hand sanitizer, so I don't have to worry about what I'm washing my hands in.

Has anyone traveled to Nepal or North India? What did you bring or wish you had brought that made the trip easier?

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  1. Wow I had no idea about the water! Safe travels, should be quite the experience!