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(New) Kathmandu Update

By Wednesday, February 20, 2013 , ,

Today we learned that if all goes well we'll ship the equipment on Monday, and we can hopefully get to it on the 10th (They don't have Sunday's off in Nepal, apparently). As of now, we're still leaving on the 1st though. One person who was only going be able to go for one week has cancelled his ticket. Another, who I work directly with operating the system was planning on leaving on the 15th and isn't sure if it's worth it. A third person is changing his ticket so he arrives closer to the 10th.

At first, a week in Kathmandu without and equipment to work with sounds like a vacation, but there are some more basic measurements we can do, like... measuring things - which I'm not particularly interested in doing for a six day week. Since we're there to work, I don't know if the University will want to pay for our hotel if we just tourist around for a week. I know getting there a week early doesn't sound like a big deal, but the prospect of killing time in a (very) foreign country for a week ... just waiting... doesn't really entice me.

If my ticket is changed and I fly on the 8th for example, I'll be here in Germany for several days on my own since my husband is traveling home to the US while I'm away. That's not good either.

Either way it means that we have to cram three weeks of work into two, and if I'm working alone, all the pressure is on me to do our part. OK, it might be good for my CV, but since our system is portable it's built to come apart easily, and sometimes you need to jiggle a cable or turn something on and off a few times before all the components get detected. It can be really good to have someone around to ask "What's going on here?" when something doesn't work, even if it's just because talking out loud helps you think.

I'm also finding that all this uncertainty is making me a bit anxious. I'm already nervous/excited about going, and now that we might not go for the specified length of time (and what happens if there's another delay?) I'm feeling less confident about the trip.

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