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My Crocheted Hat

By Friday, February 15, 2013

Behold! My first crochet project! I learned to crochet a while ago, but had only ever used it to edge knitted scarves and a few projects that never went anywhere.

The pattern I used is from crochetspot.com, and can be found here.

I really liked this web site, and will look for future patterns there. They have some great articles on how to do each stitch, complete with photos, which I find much more helpful than videos. The photos even flip horizontally when you mouse over them to give the perspective for lefties. Also, if you're a fan of crochet and don't follow Twinkie Chan, you should check her out!
Action shot: after some very brief, very heavy snow fall
I'd made the flower for my wedding out of ribbon. I really enjoyed making these for hair things and shoe things - but I'm not sure I can find the youtube tutorial for them. I remember it was by a lady with an east European accent and a little confusing. Maybe one day I'll do a tutorial on them!

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