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Kathmandu Update

By Tuesday, February 19, 2013 , ,

So there have been some unexpected delays in the Kathmandu trip. I'm going there for work, and we're shipping a lot of scientific equipment there. Apparently, Nepal is notoriously difficult to ship cargo in and out of, and now, 11 days away from when we're supposed to leave,(we're suppose to ship it 2 weeks before we want it to get there) it's still sitting in the labs.

We were supposed to have it picked up last Wednesday, 6 days ago, but it's been postponed twice now with no pick up date chosen. The problems we're having is that we need a Certificate of Origin for everything and haven't heard back from all the manufacturers yet, and we don't actually have someone in Kathmandu who can legally receive the equipment.

I don't entirely understand what the problem is, but if I had to guess it would be that Nepalese customs expect scientific equipment to be delivered to a lab, university or somewhere similar. Since we're not taking it  somewhere expected it's more difficult to designate our final destination as an appropriate delivery point - for example, if we were bringing in medical equipment and instead of taking it to a clinic or hospital we took it to a department store, it would look suspicious and raise a lot of red flags. I think we're just waiting for paperwork to go through rather than just beginning the process, but there's always the chance we'll be denied.

Now there's talk of postponing the trip. I think university has our flights insured, and if they can get money back for the hotel rooms it may be worth it to push our arrival and departure back. If we did this, we might have time to receive an equipment upgrade that we've been waiting month for. Unfortunately, we're still waiting for news from Nepal before we can decide what to do.

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