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(Even Newer) Kathamdu update

By Friday, February 22, 2013 , , ,

Yesterday morning I found an email waiting for me saying that we'd be flying out on the 8th, and the equipment would be arriving on the 10th or 11th. If we fly on the 8th, we arrive on the 9th, a Saturday, and will start work on the 10th (in Nepal, only Saturdays are weekends).

Then during the work day we found out that we'd probably be able to ship everything the next day, and it might only take 12 days, so it could in fact arrive on the 6th. If it arrives on the 6th and we can't start working until the 10th, we've wasted a few days.

Then last night I got an email saying everything would ship the next day (today), and we'd be traveling on the 1st after all. I know at least two people who have had to change the days their spouse took off from work to look after their kids, and now it looks like they'll have to change them back.

Today we were finally able to get the equipment shipped! We're on the 3rd floor at work (European 3rd floor, it would be called the 4th in the US) and the elevator breaks if you overload it, which of course it did because we were transporting 10 crates of scientific equipment. We ended up having to unpack some one of the crates to make it light enough that the movers could carry it downstairs.

But it's been taken care of. Hopefully, it will clear German customs on Monday, be flown Tuesday or Wednesday and will arrive Wednesday or Thursday, where it will have to go through Nepalese customs. We'll fly on Friday and hope the equipment isn't bogged down in customs too long.

BUT! but if it doesn't clear German customs and is held up here our flights could be delayed to the 8th. So we still don't know, and won't for certain until Monday or even Tuesday, just a few days before our earlier possible flight.

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