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Bode and Altes Museums

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We visited the Bode Museum (featuring medieval art) our First night in Berlin. Although there were a few neat works of art, I honestly can't say I'd recommend it. Not surprisingly  most of the art is religious, however I was a little disappointed in just how many paintings were of identical subject matter, for example, there were walls literally featuring nothing but paintings of Mary holding Jesus as an infant.

"Lamentations for a Dead Prince - The Pleurants from the Tomb of Duke John the Fearless in Dijon" by Juan de la Huerta between 1443 and 1456

Some neat details on a small statue.

Sunday, after the Pergamon Museum, we went to the Altes Museum. I really enjoyed this statues of the Amazon fighting a lion outside.


Man with a giant fish, and disco dancer?

Achilles and Ajax play a board game

Theseus an the Minotaur and Hercules and the Lion. Apparently, these two were often compared competitively as heroes of their respective cities.

There was a group of about 8 people (students?) around this statue for at least half an hour. One young man seemed to be leading them, or at least he had been assigned to deliver a report on this statue. However, all he kept saying things like: "as you can see, she has shoes. At least on one foot. Small shoes, like sandals  Actually, yes, she is wearing Sandals!".I kept coming back to see if the group had left so I could get a photo, and at one point they were standing around in silence, until one woman said "It's really hard to describe her face." Maybe they just really appreciate art,  but I got the feeling they were there for some class assignment and out of their depth.

Wounded Amazon

Wounded Amazon. You can see drops of blood on her side above her toga, and a cut just above them.

Statue of and Actor in costume

The second floor had Roman artifacts, where many of the statues were copies of Greek ones. I didn't take as many photos here since I'd already had my fill of statues.

90% sure this is Julius Ceaser

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