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Bailey's White Chocolate cookies

By Tuesday, February 26, 2013 ,

 A few day ago I came across this recipe by Jennifer Farley at savorysimple.net. You can find it here, but the recipe is at the bottom of a long post containing many youtube videos, and it took so long to load on my ipod that I just took a screen shot of it:

Looks delicious!

We couldn't find any white chocolate chips, so my husband bought some chunks of baking chocolate and I had to cut it into chocolate chip sized chunks.

Chop Chop Chop

Sugar and Butter!

...and here's where things start to go wrong. Note the size of the cookies in the pan before being baked.

Whaaat? Although they tasted good, something went terribly wrong here.

I realized afterwards that the recipe calls for baking powder, and I'd used Natron, which is just baking soda.

The thing is, it took us a really long time to find baking soda, (weinstein backpulver is cream of tartar baking powder) and this kind below is the only kind we could find. We never saw anything even remotely similar, which leads me to believe that baking powder might just not exist in Germany!

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