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Next Stop: Milan

By Saturday, January 05, 2013 , , , ,

So after writing a long post about how difficult cheap travel is in practice,  I realized that my husband and I might be able to go to Milan for our anniversary in late January for cheap.

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Here's the plan so far:

The bus is €10 per person, per way to Hamburg-Lubeck airport (not Hamburg's main airport) from Central Station. For 2 people 2 ways €40

Fly Ryan Air to Milan Bergamo (not Milan's main airport), from Thursday the 24th to Tuesday the 29th. There were no flights for Friday and Monday, but the cost is 11 Euros each way - €44  ($58.18) for two adults, round trip. We're going to try to do this with no checked bags.

Bus from Milan Bergamo to Milan, round trip €15,00 each, €30 total.

The Two Day Ticket for Milan Municipality area is €8.25, and we'll probably get two of these each - €33.

Stay at the Idea Hotel Milano Bicocca, which according to Kayak.com is a 4 star hotel 2.6 miles from the city center for $65 a night, (€54. $71.40  through their website, so we'll assume €54). For 5 nights is €270. 

Total before food and activities: €417.

That's certainly not bad for two people, but is it cheap? We're going to try to see if we can find a cheaper way to and from Lubeck airport (train is about €16 each way).

This is one of the big problems with so called budget traveling: there are lots of hidden costs, and while €114 for transportation for two people is great, it's a far cry from the €44 advertised on RyanAir.com for Hamburg to Milan.

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